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This year’s event was due to take place in June but has been postponed. Our sponsors, speakers and the MiP team are incredibly disappointed not to be able to see you!

As usual, we had a great line-up planned, with a wide variety of topics and funds. We have put together some content from our sponsoring groups (both video, audio and written) for you below and we hope you find this useful.

We are currently looking at holding Select on the 19–20 January 2020.

Posts by Fidelity International

Fidelity International

7 Sep

Case study: waste side story - the other side of consumption

Waste management is one of the most critical problems we face. Our consumer lifestyles create vast amounts of waste, and how we handle it de...
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Fidelity International

15 Jun

Combining two powerful themes

Portfolio manager, Bertrand Lacourt bases his investment philosophy on the belief that water and waste management related investments are...

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External Speaker

Ben Ryan, Olympic gold medal winning coach and high-performance consultant, shares with us his thoughts from lockdown.

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Support the NHS

Individuals within the asset management industry are raising funds to support NHS Charities. If you’d like to help (however small), please follow this link. To help spread the word, comment #ivedonated on the LinkedIn page